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Welcome all.

Thank you for stopping by.  Time is short precious children. The hour of the anti-christ and his army is prepared for battle. He is about to reveal himself to the world, and the world is not ready. There are strangers among us my brothers and sisters. Strangers who once were, "men of old", men of, "reknown".

Please join us here as we call the elect of God out of their sleep, and into rememberance of their task at hand. The hour is near! 

This ministry has but one goal. Tell it how it is. Here, we are dedicated to telling the truth in all things. There is no subject that we find, "taboo" when it comes to this world. Homosexuality, the "occult", Liberalism. We intend to show the word of God gives us knowledge about all these subjects that have brought a rash of totally un-acceptable behavior and plagues upon our earth.

We have taken part in the great apostacy mentioned in the new testament, and in so doing we have led our fellow-man, our country, and our world into a darkness most of us refuse to see.

Look at the crime rate. The so called "bleeding hearts", are forcing us by their laws to release deadly vermin back into our society so they can molest and kill our children.

Look at christianity, we have allowed the church of the fallen one to become a mighty voice.

Look at homosexuality. I wish I didn't have to. This is one of the most deadly sins we have ever allowed to be accepted. And we all pay for this practice.

When God left us here on this earth, he gave us a set of rules. The ten commandments and the laws put forth to the nation. These subjects that were mentioned earlier, are all covered under the law. When you break a law, there is a punishment. If our leaders actually accept these crimes, then as Sodom, we will suffer the consequences.

I am so disgusted when I hear a non-believer ask, "how can a God that proclaims to love us, bestow such pain upon his children?" God didn't bestow any pain upon us, we brought it on ourselves! We were told there would be consequences. And most of us don't realize, as long as the church of Satan rules, we will be in pain. Let me give you an example. We were told to send a child murderer to God. Kill him! But now we have a un-moral minority putting them in prison a few years, then releasing them. And we're all shocked when the person kills more children. Those same people have made it illegal for us to fight homosexuality. Now we have bi-sexual men giving AIDS to their wives and girlfriends. And we have in so doing, allowed the rest of the sexual deviants loose to persue their disgusting behavior.

We need to go back and find the truths that God left with us. So, come study with us. If nothing else, you can go away thinking.


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