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He's Coming

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... it is the number of a man and his number is six-hundred-threescore-and six

He's coming

I was sitting at home the other day, and I started thinking about the number of the beast. Six Hundred Threescore and Six. I've been obsessed with understanding what that number means. Because when John the Revelator narrated this event that was unfolding before his eyes, He specifically says, "Now this is wisdom". Then he goes on to say that the number of the beast is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred-threescore-and six. We all know that a "score" is 20. So, threescore is sixty. Or so we've been taught. In Revelations we find that certain events will unfold in the future and are represented by: Vials, seals, and trumps. There are seven of each, and each depicts a certain event in the last days before the glorious coming of the Master and King to take claim to what is rightfully his. And remember, John is telling us that wisdom of the time is knowing the number six-six-six. I've read Revelations a few times, and I along with most other Clergy, believed that there was a secret code that would be inserted on our foreheads or on our hands. That's just too easy, and it has nothing to do with this "wisdom" John speaks of regarding the number. How is this going to tell me that the false prophet has began his assault on what is to be his final battle. Well, I was reading again, and I realized that it says a mark IN their foreheads. Not on. And my brain is right there. So this mark is not representative of the number of the beast. But there is something that does fit. Jesus our King is coming on the final trump. after the seven vials, after the seven seals, and after the seventh trump. But, the false Messiah comes before him. And if Gods' number is seven. (total perfection), and if he comes on the seventh vial,seal, and trump, then his number must be 777. And if Satans number is 666, then when do you think he's coming? Each time a vial is opened, or a seal is broken, or a trump sounds, an event occurs on earth. Some say that there's no way to tell what these events are and when they're going to happen. But, I beg to differ. I believe that one of those events John describes is Chernobyl. I believe that the plagues are already here, and killing people daily. There are wars and rumors of wars. As I see it, we're at the fifth trump. Next week' I'm going to start elaborating on the specific events starting with the opening of the first vial. I pray that you will be strong in the faith, and until we meet again, may God grant blessings on your homes. Thank You.

Pastor David L. McHaley

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