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These are some very good resources that we have found on the web. We ask that you check them out. Any proceeds go directly to this ministry. We do not ask for donations 

If you are looking to earn a little extra income, try the affiliate Maketplace. They have some excellent affiliate programs that have been proven to be successful. These are not get rich quick schemes. They require work and focus. But if you're dedicated, and put some energy into them, you will be able to quit that second job at minimum wage and spend more time doing what you want to do, and not what you have to do.

Affiliate Marketplace

This is the best bible progrm out there. I use it myself. It is a completely free and the download comes with many various bible translations, concordances, dictionaries, and topical indexes.

e-Sword Home

If you're alone, and want to find someone with the same values and beliefs, try Christian Singles Find Christian Singles Here

If you are a teen, or have teens at home, here are some resources designed directly for adolescents. Click Here!

Learn how to teach the bibleClick Here!

Would you like to increase your attendance? Here's a proven method on how to do it Click Here!

If you have a web site and are looking for tools to make it better, Bravenet offers everything from hosting to guest books and beyond. And a lot of their tools are free and it's free to join.


If you are looking for valuable spiritual or religious resources on the web, Take a look in the C.B. Mall. We have the top 10 downloads right here. Or, use the search box to find info on a particular subject. For example, type in the word Jesus, and you'll find hundreds of resources pertaining to Jesus or Christianity. Please take a look. I have purchased some of these items myself and have found them invaluable.


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