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Homosexuality: Right or Wrong

All right,
I've had enough and I gotta say something here. I've heard from the minority how "christians" are always trying to "force" people to believe how they believe. Well, "DUH", we follow the word of Jesus Christ. That's why we are called "christians"! And by the way, the word of Jesus Christ is the same as the word of God, believe it or not!  The gays and bleeding heart liberals in the world have continually tried to "force" the acceptance of HOMOSEXUALITY on the rest of the population. It has been a constant bombardment of why I or we should accept their way of life. Yet you ,
(and you know who you are), are always pointing the finger at the "Christians", saying we are forcing our way of life on you. We all  know it is un-natural in the eyes of God, so you need to try to convince us because you want ssurance for your abomination. If you are ministers of God, then you must follow his word. And don't give me this bull about Jesus saying love your neighbor as youself, cause you know he dosn't mean homosexually. If you love your neighbor,
you help him or her by showing them God's word and helping them overcome their iniquities. I know a lot on this subject, my little brother WAS "gay" all his life untill he found the Lord. And believe me, he wasn't "born" that way, it was a cause from environment. So you, can't convince me otherwise. And as far as you trying to justify it by saying "oh, the bible is translated wrong".

Give me a break!!!

The bible(O.T. was written in hebrew, lets see what the
Hebrew version says on the subject of homosexuality.

Lev 18:22 Thou shalt not lie (shaw-kab' to lie down for rest or sexual connection, or any other purpose) with mankind,(zaw-kawr' properly remembered that is a male) as with womankind (ish-shaw',naw-sheem' a woman):it is abomination (to-ay-baw' something disgusting, an abhorrance).

Lev 20:13 If a man (eesh a man as an individual, or a male person) also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death;, their blood shall be upon them.

So do your justifications, but I needed to
let the "CHRISTIANS" know that God stands behind them. Instead of trying to justify the abomination of homosexuality, let's let all our brothers and sisters know that God is there for them, and Satan is slick. He will find a way to justify murder if he can. And
that's not me judging, that's out of the mouth of God.

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