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It's Jesus' Birthday! 

Who's Birthday is it?

 Well here we are again. The world all coming together in one accord celebrating
the birth of our Savior. Boy, isn't it wonderful? The time of the year that we
all focus on peace, love, and the creator of those things pure and good, Jesus
Christ. You look on the T.V and there are commercials and movies about him.
Onthe radio there is music proclaiming his glory. Housetops and lawns are
decorated with scenes of his birth. And in the streets the people are proclaiming
his gospel. The only problem is, Somebody, I don't know who, has gone around and changed all the progamming on T.V. A monster has recorded over all the discs that were playing the music about him. Some vandals have gone all over the world and replaced most of the nativity decorations, and one very slippery eel has
covered the mouths of those who were proclaiming in the streets. I'm sure the
Police will be able to catch those responsible, The culprits left pictures and
images of their leader. If you see him, Please notify your local authorities. As
a public service announcement, this ministry is posting the desciption. It is as follows 
HEIGHT- 5'8" to 5"10"
WEIGHT- 200 -245 lbs
HAIR- White- wears it a little longer than shoulder length
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES- Has full beard exact same color as his hair. Has skin condition that leaves his face bright red around his cheeks. Has a tendancy to jiggle like a bowlful of jelly when he laughs. Last seen in the area of the
north pole wearing a bright red suit with fur lining, matching hat, a big black
belt, and black boots He was driving an early model red sleigh being pulled by
reindeer. If you see him, do not attempt to contact him. He is armed with toys
and dangerous.
Here at Truth Always, We consider ourselves to be community minded. That is why we broadcast this bulletin. Truth Always is proud to be a part of this world
wide manhunt. Let's get this guy of the street before he has a chance to recruit
any more mis-guided people.
Thank You
Peace to your Homes
Pastor Dave


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