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There is a step we all must take to become closer to God. It is something we all have to admit to ourselves and to God, so the process of deliverance can begin. It is the admittance of being a sinner. If we are totally honest, to ourselves and to God he will listen. He is always with us. We must realize that we are children of God. All things are possible if you let him in your life!

As Jesus said in Mathew 18:3," Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I am 46 years old and have been a sinner for most of those 46 years. I dont mean I've been bad the whole time, but I have made some terrible choices. I have experienced some terrible ordeals in my life, such as fire, physical, sexual, mental and drug abuse, an orphanage, abandonment, loss, etc...I thought I had plenty of reasons to be angry at God for all the things that happened when I was a child, and I was for a long time. But, since I began to study his word, I learned my anger should not have been directed at God. I learned anger was just an emotion I used to help me through. To make me feel better about what I was doing. Now I know why amidst all the turmoil I always had a sense of peace, a strong will to hang in there. It was God! He has been with me all along! Urging me to do the right thing even though my track record said I wouldnt. But, he still didnt give up on me. He never will. This is why my faith is so strong!

In this world of hate and violence there is a way to have a sense of peace in your life. It is time to stand for Christ. It is time to stand for what we should truly believe in:

I am here to say, I am far from a perfect person.

I am here to share what I have learned in my life.

I am here to maybe help someone out there that might be struggling with their own life.

I am here to confess my love for God the father, Christ the son, the holy spirit, and scripture the living word.

Maybe I can help, and maybe I cant, but I would be willing to listen with an open mind and heart, no strings attatched free of charge. If you have questions or comments e-mail me at the address listed below:

I attest all these things are true and I come to you as a humble shepard of Christ. A-Men

Peace be with you!

Pastor Juliana Morgan


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